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Wristlets - Key Fobs

This week we’re making wristlets.

There are two options for making these, a one fabric option, and a two fabric option. For the one fabric option you’ll need a piece of fabric measuring 3.5 x 12 inches, and for the two fabric option you’ll need two pieces of fabric measuring 2 x 12 inches each.

I’m using wadding instead of interfacing in these as I want them to be softer and have a quilty feel to them… is that even a word? Hmm.

Anyway! Let’s get the timer going and start on the two fabric method.

Place your two pieces of fabrics right side together.

Sew a ¼” seam down one edge.

Finger press that seam open. You can use an iron if you prefer.

Place your wadding down the middle of that seam.

Fold over one side of the fabric using the edge of the wadding as a guide and clip in place. If you’re using a polyester wadding and want o use an iron, try to avoid running the iron over the uncovered wadding.

Repeat with the other side.

Now fold that in half, using your sewn seam to help fold in the correct place.

Now time to sew. Sew up that open side. I like to use a ¼” seam for most things, but slightly smaller seems to work better for these.

Anyway! Once you get towards the end, stop, foot up, rotate the fabric and sew across the bottom, then sew down the other side… repeating the stop and pivot where needed.

Now fold the fabric in half and stitch across the bottom to secure both ends together. Repeat this at least twice. Snip away any loose or fraying threads.

Now take the hardware and place the fabric between the open end.

You can purchase pliers specifically designed for this, but most people won’t have them and if you’re wanting to just try this and make up a few, you won’t want to up the cost of your attempt so… I’m using standard pliers to show it can be done.

If you’re using standard pliers, you’ll want to protect the metal. Just wrap a piece of wadding around the metal, once it’s lined up of course, and then squeeze the pliers to crimp the hardware in place.

As you can see, I didn’t quite line this one up. Take your time with this part.

And that’s it. Time is 7:56 Yay! Completed within the ten minute window! I would say, if you’re making these for a market, do each step in bulk. Cut your fabrics all at the same time, sew the fabrics together all at the same time, chain piecing is great for things like this. Do all the pressing at the same time…. You get what I mean.

So! Let’s try the single fabric method.

Lay the fabric right side down and add the wadding in the centre as we did previously.

Fold the two edges over onto your wadding and clip.

This is a good point to check the hardware will cover the ends by the way.

Fold both half together, reclipping as you go.

Now sew down the open end, across the bottom, up the other side and across the top.

Clip off any loose threads and fold in half.

Pop your hardware in place, and I actually didn’t use the wadding here in the hope I could show you why to use it… there are little scratches on the hardware but the camera isn’t picking them up. I do recommend, if you’re not using pliers made specifically for this, that you do use wadding for protection.

Anyway! That’s another made, this one in 6 minutes 37 seconds. Imagine how quickly you could make up a whole bunch of these!

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Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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