Quilt Block Series – 6 – Timeless Triangles

Today’s block is called Timeless Triangles, which gets it’s name from the 4 hour glass looking sections.

There is an additional cat intermission at 10:54 that I didn’t catch in the edit! I’ve decided that instead of getting annoyed when they interupt, I’m going to start logging it! Let’s see who wins for most interuptions by the end of the year!

For this one, you’ll need four squares measuring 7.5 inch by 7.5 inch. Two from one fabric, and two from a second fabric.

Textured Blender – Silver

Textured Blender – Black

General Purpose Presser foot (snap on) – If you have a low shank machine but don’t have the ability to snap feet on and off, we also have an adapter for this here.


Rotary Cutter

Ironing Mat

Video on Youtube


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