Youtube Video | Take two | Self Bound Mug Rug

I made a mug rug video just before Christmas last year and asked viewers their preferred method of finishing them (I pinked the edges of those). There were a few comments and suggestions, one of which was to use self binding, so… that’s what this video covers!

Thanks to @thelmalane9351, @lschimes6844 @merryguerrero1771 and special thanks to @gigiontube for the suggestion of self binding!

Few links for items used in the video and anything I mentioned that requires linking 🙂

The ironing/cutting/piecing mat:

Rotary Cutter:


Poppies Fabric:

The Rag Quilt video I mentioned towards the end:

The previous Mug Rug Video:

The 9-Patch Video showing the trick for joining binding:

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