Tying Off Quilt Threads

This is really important. The last thing you want is for a loose thread to be pulled and pulled until your gorgeous quilt is pulled apart.

Use a self threading needle and a thimble (believe me, if you’re working on a big project, you don’t want to have lots of points to tie off and have to thread a regular needle for every one! For one thing, you’ll end up with sore fingers! Working on the back of the quilt, give the end of the thread a little tug, you’ll see it wanting to pull another stitch, right? That’s the other thread end… pop your needle into the loop and pull lightly.
Once you have the thread pulled through, make a loop in both threads.
Pop the ends through the loop and pull gently. If the knot is moving too far away from the quilt, just put your needle into the loop and guide it into place.
Now the knot is sorted, push your needle between the fabric and wadding (don’t push it through the front layer of fabric). Allow it to pop out a few centimetres from where it went it.
Now, whilst holding the needle for stability, hook your threads into the needles eye (the slot if using a self-threading needle).
Pull the needle through the quilt.
Trim the excess. Now repeat that wherever you have loose thread ends. This isn’t the most creative part of the process, but at least you can do it in front of the TV.

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