Twisted Fabric Christmas Wreath – Tutorial Video

Twisted fabric Christmas Wreath

We’ve added another video this week – this fabulous twisted fabric wreath! I LOVE LOVE LOVE crafting and creating for Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. Yes, I’m aware it’s only August, but… crafting/sewing takes time, so we start early!

I made this same wreath about 5/6 years ago and it’s still on the blog somewhere. But as we now have a youtube channel, I figured it was a good time to remake it.

I use three fabrics in the video, a plain green, a plain red and a metallic poinsettia. You’ll also need toy stuffing/filling, a couple of safety pins, a marker and ruler and a hand sewing needle for sewing the ends of the wreath up. These are too bulky to fit under a machine foot.

No templates required for this one, the fabrics need to be cut as follows:


1 measuring 6 x 44″ (or WOF)

1 measuing 8″ by WOF

1 measuring 3″ x 15″

Green and Red:

1 each measuring 6 x 44″ (or WOF)

Here’s the video! Enjoy!

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