Reversible Dog Bandana – Sew Your Own

For our Youtube video this week we’re making slip-on (reversible) dog bandanas. I timed this one to see how long it would take as it strikes me as one that can be made in abundence for a market or fair. You’ll have to watch to see if I hit the ten minute target.

For this one, I used one fat quarter from the dog show bundle here. I actually got two bandanas from the one faat quarter and I was making the medium sized bandana. If you’re making the small or extra small you could likely get four from one fat quarter! For the backing, because I didn’t want all the hems on the back, which is what’s making this reversible, I used a simple textured blender in silver (it’s what I had to hand).

These are great as they can be pulled off the collar for washing and as they’re made to fit most collar widths, no need to buy a new collar specifically to use the bandana.

Here’s the pattern. If you want to share with others, please send them here rather than forwarding the file directly. We spend time creating posts, patterns and videos and would at least like people to land on our website to get them. If you don’t have a printer, please check the bottom of the post for the measurements image.

And here’s the video!

2 thoughts on “Reversible Dog Bandana – Sew Your Own

  1. Hi, love your videos,

    I don’t have a printer. Is there any chance you have the dimensions for the different bandana sizes please

    1. Apologies! I’m only just seeing this. I will get the measurements put up as soon as I can (and send them via email too). Sorry for the delay. Super busy at the moment.

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