Smudge & Sooty’s Playful Christmas – Kicker Toy (with Catnip)

I’ve been wanting to find time to make these little cat kickers for the furbabies for a while, but had very little time. Frustratingly, they literally took 10 minutes! I could have whipped them up a long time ago. Got there in the end!

What You’ll Need

First cut a piece of fabric measuring 12 x 6 inches. As you can see from the FQ fabric you have left, you can get a few kickers from one FQ.
Fold the fabric on it’s long side right side to right side.
Sew using a 1.4 inch seam allowance across one short end and down the long end. Backstitching is important at the start and end. Note that if you have a serger, I would recommend using that to make the toy last a little longer.
Poke something long into the stitched end and pull the fabric down to turn it right side out.
Add your stuffing, remember the cats are going to be playing with these, so stuff it really well so it’s fairly stiff. If you’re adding catnip, do so at this point adding a little each time you push in more stuffing so it’s dispersed through the kicker.
When you’re around 1 inch from the end, pull on either side of the opening to force your raw edges inside.
You have two options for closing. You can use a slip stitch and do this by hand, or, you can do what I did, which was to simply top stitch it. Machine stitches tend to be more robust.
And Voila! Cat kicker created in less than 10 minutes!

Best feeling in the world when these were thrown down for the cats – Although throwing them wasn’t the best idea as they both freaked and ran out of the room! Still, they eventually worked up the courage to have a sniff and yay! So worth it!

Here’s a little video of Smudge playing with his new toy. Tried to get one of Sooty, but as soon as she heard the camera beep she stopped playing.

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