Merry & Bright Christmas Tree Table Decoration (no sew)

Following on from the no-sew Christmas wreath, I wanted to create something with a little height to add to the centre of the Christmas table, cue the no-sew Christmas tree. Lots of folding and pinning in this one, so I’d advise you to use a thimble!

What You’ll Need

First cut 2.5 inch fabric squares from each of your fabrics. You’ll need approximately 133 squares. Cut one square measuring 6 inches to cover the base. Cut a small square measuring 2 inches to cover the top.
Place the large square of fabric on a flat surface, right side down, and centre the polystyrene cone on top of it.
Pull up and pin the fabric into the cone. Keep pinning until all loose edges are pinned in place.
Now we’re going to use the 2.5 inch squares of fabric. Fold a piece corner to corner.
Then again corner to corner.
This creates a tiny triangle of fabric.
One thing to note: Try to place the neatly folded edges in the same orientation as you move up the cone.
With the point down, pin the fabric in place in the top two corners. The top line of fabric should sit around 1cm from the bottom edge.
Repeat all the way around. Placing each piece parallel to the previous piece so that the top edge of the fabric lines up.
Now pin another piece of folded fabric 1cm higher from your first line so that the point sits in the middle of the previous two points. Repeat this over and over until you get around 2 inches from the top point.
At this point we want to cover the top of the cone. Place your smaller piece of fabric over the top of the cone and, just like you did with the bottom of the cone, pin it down. I would recommend doing two points…
And then the remaining two.
Now go back to adding your squares of fabric and do this until you get right to the top.
Take your 20inch ribbon and pop a pin in. Then create a loop as shown.

Continue creating loops in the ribbon as shown above. The pop in a pin to hold it all in place.
Place your button on the very top of the cone and push in the pearlised pins to hold it in place.
Voila! Lovely table decoration.

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