Quilt Block Series – 9 – Sawtooth Star

Hey! The latest video is out and this time I’m showing you how to create a sawtooth star quilt block. I really enjoyed completing this one… I’d previously made a 40 inch version of this actual block as one large quilt – thinking back, it was a fair few years ago as Barney, the little boy it was made for, is 6 in two weeks! Or maybe 5? The years go by so quickly I lose track!

Anyway! Back to the block. I used textured blenders as with all other blocks in the series, here are links to the fabrics and to the ironing mat as that’s the item get most queries about, along with a few other bits used in the video.

Textured Blender in Black

Textured Blender in White

Textured Blender in Silver


Owls Multi-mat for ironing/cutting/layout

Rotary Cutter

General Purpose Presser Foot


And here’s the video


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