Learn the Indispensable Ladder Stitch

Learn how to create a ladder stitch

So first off, what is a ladder stitch? A ladder stitch is used to complete a project that requires an open seam for turning or stuffing. It is often used to sew stuffed toys, pillows or lined hems. Begin sewing around most of the perimeter of the project with a sewing machine, and then finish the last one to four inches with a hidden ladder stitch.

So below is the transcript from the Youtube video which can be viewed below.

Youtube transcript

Hi everyone. This time I just wanted to show you how to form a ladder stitch. I used this previously in my cat stuffed toy. When done correctly it works really well.

I always use double thread for strength. You’ll need a knot in the end of the thread.

From this area here where we stopped sewing on the machine we’re going to push the needle upwards from the inside of the project.

Now go down into the fabric but don’t pull it through yet, instead, push the needle forward another 3mm and then pull out. You can go anywhere between 1 and 3mm, but don’t go any longer than 3mm as the fabric will pucker and the point of using an invisible stitch will be lost.

Now put your needle through the opposite side of the opening, on that fold line. Again, in and over 3mm and then pull through.

Pull lightly to bring the two halves together. It can sometimes help to place your thumb underneath the stitched area as that draws the fabric together with less resistance.

Continue in the same way until you get to the end.

So, in, down 3mm, out. In at the other side, down 3mm, out… and repeat and repeat.

We’ll run with it at regular speed for a moment until you get the idea ten I’ll run the video forward to show you the completing the stitch.

When you get to the end, pop the needle into the fabric close to your last stitch and out on the other side of it. Do this a few times, this will secure the stitches.

Once you’ve repeated that a few times, pull the thread out and snip off close to the fabric. When you snip it, it will disappear inside your project.

And as you can see, the stitch is basically invisible.

I hope that was helpful.

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