No Sew Folded Star Christmas Ornament

Last year I made a few folded star ornaments, but it was fairly late in the year and I simply ran out of time to create a blog post for them. This year, I plan to release a Cathedral Window ornament tutorial and have finally *made* time to document the making of the folded star one! They will both look gorgeous on the Christmas tree hanging together in unison. This post was supposed to be released last month, but we starter a DIY job and hit a snag which means what was supposed to take less than a week to complete has morphed into something that took just over a month! Always the way, isn’t it!

I’m using the Stuart Hillard designed “Merry & Bright” range of fabrics and will add to the stash of baubles as and when we get new Christmas fabrics in stock.

So, here we go! Requirements are based on making one ornament using the Merry & Bright range.

What You’ll Need

Decide on the fabric you want for the centre. You will need to cut 8 2.5 inch squares from that fabric. The other two fabrics need to be cut into 16 (each) 2.5 inch squares. You should be left with a total of 40 2.5 inch squares.
Press the squares.
Fold in half and press.
Fold each corner down to create a triangle and press again.
Here comes the fun part. It starts to come together really quickly. You may want to use a thimble – especially if you plan to make more than one!! Open up one of the centre pieces of fabric and push a pin through the very centre. Now push that pin into the centre of the polystyrene ball. Pin each corner down securely also.
Repeat on the adjacent side.
Repeat this until all four centre pieces are in place.
Using your second fabric, pop in your pin as before and then align it around ½ an inch away from the centre of the ball.
Repeat this process all the way around.
One more time around, about 1/4 of an inch down.
Continue adding all the way around.
Using the outer fabric, repeat the previous steps to add the outer layer. Again placing the last layer ½ an inch from the previous layer.
Once you get to this point, flip the ball over and find the centre. You can pretty much eyeball the centre here as the ball will want to sit flat on your surface. Repeat the process over again to complete the opposite side.
Cut a piece of ribbon to go around the outside of the ball, 7.5 inch seems to work well.
Glue or pin the ribbon to cover the raw edges of fabric.
Now pin the hanging ribbon into the top of the ball. You’ll need to add a few pins here and I would suggest going in at a slight angle.

OPTIONAL: Add coloured pins to some of the points of the star to give them a little extra shine. Honestly, they don’t need it, they look beautiful as they are, but everyone loves a little bling (especially at Christmas!!). I just added one gold pearlised pin to the centre.

Well, it only took me a year to get this online! Hope it helps someone create some beautiful ornaments.


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