Easy Wine Bottle Bag – Including Youtube Walkalong

Hi everyone. I was uploading this weeks video and remembered a couple of comments from people who prefer to watch in silence. As there are no instructions on the screen, they had to have sound up. My solution, at least for some of the simpler videos, will be to add a text walkthrough on the blog so that you’re able to watch/read and implement.

There are no images in the blog post, so you’ll still need to watch the video, but I hope this helps.

Right! Straight to it. We’re making wine bottle covers.

Take one of the fabric pieces and fold it right sides together down the longest edge. Sew down one side and across the bottom, remembering to backstitch at the beginning and end. Use a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Pink the edges, or trim away a little of the seam allowance, being sure to snip the corner either way.

Repeat this on the lining fabric. I didn’t iron the fabric before I started, which was a mistake! Before you start any project, run over the fabric with an iron beforehand. It makes a difference to the finished item.

Now, to create the boxy bottom of the bag, grab either side of one corner and pull outward. Fold the corner in and measure up 1 and a half inches. Mark, then sew along the marked line. Don’t use a pencil… the lines are harder to see. Use a heat erasable pen or chalk.

Snip away the excess.

Then repeat this on the other side.

Turn your outer fabric piece right way out.

Repeat the boxy bottom on the lining piece. But leave this inside out.

Slide your lining fabric inside the outer fabric and line up the seam.

Fold the raw edges of both fabrics inside by about ½ an inch. Pin as you go.

Sew all the way around close to the edge.

The bottle in the video is actually a one litre bottle, so is a bit larger than a standard 75cl bottle. However, it still fits!

I hope the text walkthrough has helped, and if so I’ll be sure to do the same for future videos. Speaking of videos… here it is:


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