Easy Christmas Applique Napkins

These napkins came out better than I’d expected. I did however mess up the measurements – I’ve a million and one tutorials in my head at the moment and was clearly thinking of another! Still, I didn’t want to waste the material, so the one used to create the tutorial was 12 x 12 inches. I only mention it so the eagle eyed amongst you don’t spot it and point out my error! I used a tree for the applique shape, but any Christmas shape will look just as nice. The fabric requirements are for one napkin, so remember to buy as much fabric as you need to sew up as many napkins as you require.

What You’ll Need
18 inches square fabric
4 inch square of the same fabric for the applique tree
18 inches square muslin
6 x 3 inch piece for the napkin ring
Sewing machine
Rotary Cutter
Ruler or measuring tape
Applique pattern template (tree is available for free here.)
Button Hole presser foot (not required, but will make it easier!)
Needle and thread for sewing on the button.

First gather all of your materials. I used the muslin available here and the Christmas Greetings fabric available here.
Cut all of your fabric pieces at the beginning and the napkins will come together in no time.
Cut out your chosen applique shape. I would recommend using chalk to mark the tree onto the fabric before cutting. I used a soluble pen without first checking it on the chosen fabric and the ink and fabric didn’t like one another! Hopefully it will come out in the wash 🙂
Now time to start sewing. Take your applique shape and place it 1.5″ from the left hand side of the napkin, and 1.5″ from the bottom.
Applique the shape in place.
Place your muslin (which is now adorned with your applique!) and your main fabric and place them right sides together.
Stitch around all edges, remembering to leave a small opening (around 2″) for turning.
Turn the napkin right side out and press flat.
Now top-stitch around the entire napkin, being sure to check that the opening you left is turned in and the top-stitching is far enough in to catch it as you sew. Then press the napkin once more.
Now take your 6 x 3 inch piece of fabric and fold it in half along it’s longest side. Sew across one shorter side and up the longer side. Back stitch a stitch or two as you reach the opposite short end. Turn the fabric right side out. Fold under the open end by about 1/4 inch and top-stitch it.
Using your button hole presser foot, sew a button hole in one end of the fabric and sew your button into the opposite end. Remember to check you’re sewing the button on the correct side so that once you wrap it around the napkin, the button fastens correctly.
Ribbon would work here just as well, but I added the fabric as I thought it brought the ring and napkin together well. Keeping the napkin itself flat also means these can be used to hold cutlery at each place setting too 🙂

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