Christmas Tree Skirt

I’ve been meaning to sew up a Christmas tree skirt for the last few years, but never get around to it! By the time I’ve enough spare time to do anything new the presents are all exchanged and we’re left with a full tree base! We’re so spoilt by our lovely friends and family. But then Christmas day passes and the tree sits there looking empty. So I figure if I make the creation a work thing, I can get a new blog post written while also creating the tree skirt I’ve been putting off!

Most fabrics come in 44 inch width. You will need to trim this down to 100cm (around 39″) so that you’re left with a piece of fabric measuring 1m x 1m. Repeat this with your choice of lining fabric.

Fold your fabric in half to form a rectangle. And again to form a square. Pin those layers together if you’re more confident doing so. Repeat with the lining fabric and stack the two together if you’re happy enough cutting through 8 layers in one go. If not you can of course cut them separately.
Take your string and tie one end around your marker.
Hold the string in the corner where all the folds are gathered.
Clip in place if you prefer.
Stretch it out to the top corner. Hold firmly and carefully mark the fabric as you move the marker down to the bottom corner.
Using your rotary cutter, cut the marked curve.
Repeat the marking process to create a 1″ mark from that same centre point.
Again, cut that marked line with your rotary cutter.
Open up the fabrics and lay them on top of one another right sides together. Clip around the entire circle.
Cut a line in the fabric from the centre out to the edge as shown. If there is part of your fabric that you want at the front of your tree, be sure to cut this line up the other side as the opening for the skit will sit at the back of your tree.
Fold back the two edges of fabric and pin your ribbon to the top, centre and about 3 inches from the bottom (outer edge of the circle). Your ribbon should be placed facing the inside of the fabrics.
Fold the fabric back down and clip, being careful that the ribbons stay in the correct place.

Pin or clip around the entire inner and outer circles.

Sew around the inner circle and down one edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Continue sewing around the outer circle and back up the other edge. Leave a 5″ gap on one of the straight edges for turning.
Turn the skirt right side out and give it a good press.
Fold under the opening and clip or pin.
Top stitch around the entire skirt to close up the gap and produce a nicely finished edge to the skirt.

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