Super Easy Christmas Table Runner

This table runner is super easy to make, and comes together so quickly. The fabric width isn’t given, simply because we use the width of the fabric as it comes.

What You’ll Need
12″ Fabric for the top panel
18″ Fabric for the bottom
Scissors / Rotary Cutter
Sewing Machine
Buttons or other decoration for each end (optional)
Pins (optional)


Gather all of the materials listed above.


Cut the fabrics. Top panel should be cut at 12 inches. Bottom piece should be cut to 18″.


Now, with right sides together, sew along the longer edge of one side using a straight stitch. Use a 1/4inch seam allowance. As you sew, be sure to check that the two pieces are lined up correctly. If you don’t have the confidence to hold the fabrics together and sew, you can always pin the two together beforehand. I prefer not to bother pinning where I believe I can get away with it as it takes a while. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the fabric. Remember, the two pieces are not the same size, so they won’t lay flat together at this point. This is by design, so don’t panic. Sew down the entire length.


You’re left with a tube of fabric.


Turn this right side out. You can see at this point that the extra width of the backing fabric forms binding on either side. Super!


You’ll want to measure either edge to make sure you have the fabric turned correctly. Both sides need to have roughly the same amount of backing fabric. Press these flat.


At this point, you can go ahead and straighten up the two open ends. Cut off any selvage. There will only be selvage on one end, but it won’t hurt to cut off a little fabric on the other end to straight it up nicely.


Place the runner front side down. Fold the fabric in half with the backs together and stitch up both ends. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance and don’t worry if it doesn’t look neat as it’s going to be hidden anyway.


Turn the end right side out to create a point. Poke out the corner and iron the end flat.


At this point, you can simply sew across the straight line where the two fabrics meet to close them up and you’ll have a wonderful table runner ready for use. However, you can also embellish the ends of the table runner. It’s not required, but does add a little something. Other ideas include attaching tassels, ribbons, additional buttons etc. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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