Merry & Bright Folded Star Christmas Wreath

Last year I made a few folded star ornaments and a folded star wreath. The idea came as I’d been working on a folded star cushion; that being said, if you google it, I’m sure it’s already been done! That’s why I don’t tend to google things now! I see someone has already produced something and think, well what’s the point? So, google aside!

I’m using the Stuart Hillard designed “Merry & Bright” range of fabrics, hence the name of this post. We’ve had them on order since April and it’s been driving me insane waiting! They finally arrived last week so I’m over the moon and super-exited to get going!

The following requirements are based on making one wreath using the Merry & Bright Fat Quarter Bundle.

What You’ll Need

The first step is to cut the fabric. I prefer to do all this first as it’s not my favourite part and so gets it out of the way early on. Go ahead and cut 18 squares measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches from each fat quarter in the bundle. Then cut an additional 18 from the first three. You’ll end up with 144 squares.

The next step I detest equally as much as cutting! (If only I knew going into this hobby that the bulk of my time would be spent measuring, cutting and ironing I may not have started. So glad I didn’t realise!).

Press the squares flat.
Fold in half and press.
Fold each corner down to create a triangle and press again.
Repeat this will all 144 pieces of fabric!

Here comes the fun part. It starts to come together really quickly. You may want to use a thimble – it’ll save your finger! I promise.

Lay the first piece of fabric about 1cm up from the flat edge of the wreath form. Pin each corner and the centre flaps. Then repeat with the next piece, making sure the corner is touching the previous piece. Continue this around the entire wreath form.
With your next fabric, place it about 1cm up from the previous layer, and centre the point between the points on the previous fabric. Again, repeat all the way around.
Continue repeating these steps, changing the fabric when you start a new layer. Be sure that all your points match the points from the previous row. It makes a huge difference to the finished wreath.
LOVE how this comes together. Are you fingers hurting? Mine sure were!
Now to add the ribbon to the centre to cover any raw edges. Simply pin the ribbon around the very bottom (inside) of the wreath. You can use glue here (I did plan to, but the chosen ribbon allowed for the use of pins without becoming ugly, and that was quicker so…). When you get to the end, trim your ribbon a little longer than it needs to be and turn it under. Pin the last bit in place.
Now take the ribbon you cut for hanging. Fold as shown.
Pin to the back of the wreath form. Use a few pins this time, and be sure to angle them as you push them in so that when hung, the pins won’t slide out. If you angle the pins up from what will be the bottom of the wreath, when hung, the weight will force the pins in, not out.
Well, it only took me a year to get this online! Hope it helps someone create a stunning wreath. I’m completely in love with the one I made. The fabrics I used are just amazing!

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